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the here and now

Before my experience on the river, I couldn’t recall the last time I was fully present. A statement so simple, and yet, so profound for me. As a Navy SEAL for 27 years, my life – and identity – revolved around the mission of getting my teams there and back, "All accounted for".  As I drew near to the end of my career, I couldn’t help but contemplate the cost of being consumed by the mission 24/7. The personal sacrifice. The mental toll. I can see clearly how the river changed me. There was something amazing about taking a break from being connected to the expectations of others, to the freedom of being connected to the moment. Transformational, life-changing freedom that allowed me for the first time, to be present. Fully engaged today I am a better husband, a better father, and a better person. My encounter on the river underscores why I believe in the impact of Discovery Courage programs. I know first-hand the organization saves lives because they saved me.

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