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update on Float trip 2020

September 2020

Exciting news from the Discover Courage Leadership team! We are targeting September 2020 for our next float trip. Our team is raising money, laying on support, and selecting some of our nations finest heroes to attend our week long event.

We bring awareness, perspective, and leadership in an environment diametrically opposed to the environments our veterans have thrived in for decades. The growth and understanding of life outside of their normal everyday hi-paced and hi-stressful environment.

We provide the time, location, instruction while removing the burden of command and leadership for a small period of time. That gap in time is where our participants recognize their own gaps, their own unfulfilled needs and wants, which in turn allows them to acknowledge, embrace, and begin to fill in the cracks with vibrant, meaningful relationships, activities, and communication.

This program changed my life and I'm confident we will help many others. My personal definition of success is making the difference for any who come in contact with Discover Courage, and achieving our vision.

- President Hitchcock 

Learn more here and contact us with questions or to find out how you can help support our efforts.

the here and now

Before my experience on the river, I couldn’t recall the last time I was fully present. A statement so simple, and yet, so profound for me. As a Navy SEAL for 27 years, my life – and identity – revolved around the mission of getting my teams there and back, "All accounted for".  As I drew near to the end of my career, I couldn’t help but contemplate the cost of being consumed by the mission 24/7. The personal sacrifice. The mental toll. I can see clearly how the river changed me. There was something amazing about taking a break from being connected to the expectations of others, to the freedom of being connected to the moment. Transformational, life-changing freedom that allowed me for the first time, to be present. Fully engaged today I am a better husband, a better father, and a better person. My encounter on the river underscores why I believe in the impact of Discovery Courage programs. I know first-hand the organization saves lives because they saved me.

Discover Courage participant

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