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LEADERSHIP, SERVICE, AND Support through engagement and presence

our mission

To foster leadership development and personal growth for Interagency and National Missions Force members, past and present, through exclusive programs respectful of the specific needs of this community and its members.

our vision

Discover Courage these amazing warriors in productively applying their exceptional skills in special outdoor oriented programs, individualized needs of the individuals and families, while respecting the privacy of participants, donors, and supporters.


Discover Courage programs involve week-long, detailed, professionally directed, interactive on-site “focus-oriented” outdoor activities to foster leadership development, personal growth, stress re-calibration, and facilitate reintegration while also remaining fluid and supportive or yet to be determined needs. 


There are many ways you can help support Discover Courage Programs: cash donations, including online donations, material gifts, donation of airline frequent flier miles, contributions in the form of stocks or other equities

about discover courage

We strive to minimize administrative cost and maximize every dollar donated directly into our programs supporting our Nations Elite warriors.

Co-Founded by a 26 year SEAL veteran and retired SEAL Team Command Master Chief, Discover Courage (DC) is a non-profit §501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides services tailored to the particular needs of Interagency and National Missions Force (IA/NMF) community members to foster personal growth, health and welfare, promote leadership, stress recalibration, facilitate reintegration, and to optimize professional and personal success.

DC understands that service in the close-knit IA/NMF community is larger than any individual. However, those outside of the community do not often understand the burden of confidentiality associated with service. A life characterized by unrelenting responsibility, patriotic commitment, constant training, frequent and prolonged deployments, inimical operational environments, and the nature of IA/NMF work may result in unique personal and professional challenges.

DC provides unique outdoor-focused programs for IA/NMF members to productively apply their hard-earned professional skills to new challenges designed to yield lifelong rewards, personal growth, and foster leadership development.

Parlaying the special skills of IA/NMF members – especially constant vigilance, situational awareness, patience, focus, detail orientation, physical training, routines, improvisation, and trust in team – into non-lethal, yet challenging outdoor pursuits characterizes the cornerstone of Discover Courage programs.

Discover Courage’s Board of Directors, Board of Advisors, and Executives serve voluntarily and without compensation. 

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  • The SHOT show starts this week in Vegas! You'll have the chance to meet the co-founders and CEO of Discover Courage. Jason, Jay and Way will be in attendance. They would be happy to talk to you about...
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