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Why do we need funding?

Discover Courage programs are completely dependent on charitable contributions.

To devote every available dollar into our programs, Discover Courage does not utilize marketing, fundraising, or telemarketing firms.

Discover Courage’s programs are professionally developed and staffed. The programs are “on-site”, remote, week-long wilderness experiences with 1:1 staff to participant staffing. There are no costs to participants. Discover Courage programs are thus extremely resource intensive. We rely on charitable contributions for all our program services.

Discover Courage is fortunate to have material support from top outdoor manufacturers. Without industry support, we could not provide our top-tier program services.

Discover Courage’s Executive Officers, Board of Directors, and Board of Advisors proudly serve the organization voluntarily..

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Support Discover Courage

Discover Courage programs equally respect the confidentiality of our participants, supporters and donors.

There are many ways you can help support Discover Courage Programs:

  • Cash donations, including online donations
  • Send a check
  • Material gifts
  • Donate airline frequent flier miles
  • Contribute in the form of stocks or other equities
  • Participate in a Fundraiser
  • Participate in Discover Courage fundraising auctions
  • Make your daily purchases through Amazon Smile
  • Participate in Discover Courage Fundraising events, like our Unknown Distance Shooting Program

Prospective donors are encouraged to contact us for more information.