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Discover Courage programs provide new options for our warriors affected by Post-Traumatic Stress, Combat Related Stress and Traumatic Brain Injuries.

Programs include week-long, professionally directed, “focus-oriented” outdoor activities, and foster personal growth through stress recalibration, avocation exposure, body work, and re-acclimation.

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“Confidential life, confidential environment”

Discover Courage’s unique programs are designed by SOF combat veterans, physicians, psychologists and outdoor professionals and are intensive learning and personal growth experiences for Special Operations members, conducted in the company of peers. 

We understand all members in these highly skilled and evolved communities prioritize self-confidence, patience, and problem solving skills. DC buildsupon knowledge and skill sets required to succeed outside the framework of our programs. 

Participant confidentiality is held sacrosanct. Discover Courage never leverages the identities of our participants – or their parent organizations – for marketing or fundraising purposes.  

Discover Courage’s flagship programs involve intensive, week-long, remote “off the grid” fly-fishing expeditions.  These programs include immersive and intensive instruction on fly-tying, fly-casting, wading skills, “reading water”, entomology, knot tying, tackle, fly presentation, how to hook and fight fish, understanding gamefish behavior and ecosystems, and white-water drift boat and river safety.  All expenses for program participants are covered by Discover Courage.  A minimum staff to participant ratio of 2:3 is maintained.

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