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Discover Courage Unknown
Distance Shooting Program

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Discover Courage’s Unknown Distance (UKD) Shooting program teaches you the secrets of precision rifle shooting from the world’s finest “real-world” long-distance shooting instructors.

Discover Courage’s “Unknown Distance Shooting Program” will help any avid hunter or experienced marksman improve their shooting skills, become intimately familiar with their rifle and ammunition, thoroughly understand the effects of their rifle system, and develop a grasp of the environmental and human factors that separate success from failure in UKD shooting.

Our instructors bring decades of operational experience and each has served as Chief Instructor of the Naval Special Warfare Scout/Sniper School – the elite program that trains the world’s most capable and deadly snipers.

Discover Courage’s UKD program covers three full days. The course includes classroom (didactic) study as well as extensive field work and live-fire exercises.  Participants are paired into teams of two, alternating spotter and shooter positions.

Topics and practical exercises include: External ballistics, shooting points of performance, use of “mil” and “moa” for range estimation and windage, shot setup, weapon system setup, basic map, topo and compass use, range estimation techniques, laser range finder use and limitations, reading wind/trace, shot calling and adjustment.

Shooting strategies and applications include: Danger space, swept space, slope shooting, bracketing, margin of error, and lost shot.

Discover Courage’s “Unknown Distance Shooting Program” is held on private property, near Maupin, OR. The properties feature challenging terrain at ranges exceeding 1600 yards, with frequently changing environmental conditions ideal for training in unknown distance shooting.

The closest major commercial airport is Portland, OR (PDX), approximately 2 hours by car from Maupin.  A rental car is highly recommended.  Participants are responsible for their travel to and from the UKD Program and should typically plan for Wednesday PM arrival with Sunday departure. Transportation and travel-related costs are generally not tax-deductible.

Single occupancy lodging will be provided in Maupin. Lunches will be provided during program days. Costs include the program syllabus/workbook, three-days of intensive, individualized instruction, targets, and final de-brief dinner.

Each program class is limited to 6 participants. Please contact Discover Courage for next available program dates and costs.  Portions of tuition costs are considered charitable donations to fund Discover Courage programs.